A scope 3 GHG reduction programme

Greenfish supported Elia to reduce its scope 3 GHG emissions.

Elia, a large European TSO, wants to reduce its scope 3 GHG emissions by incorporating sustainability-related information in its tendering process. One of the ways to achieve that goal is to reduce the emissions of contractors’ projects commissioned by them.

To do so, GHG emissions must be decomposed from company level down to project level, and accuracy improved by switching from spent-based to physical-based calculation method.

To incorporate the green procurement criteria in the tendering process, our team needed to elaborate a common framework for all companies and identify key data to be collected to make accurate calculations and have comparable results, and then allow the client to make the best decision when choosing contractors.

The team also supported contractors whenever they faced issues collecting any type of data required by the developed data list.

Greenfish built a data-collection template and a customised GHG calculation tool, to be used and refined during pilot projects. The comprehensive data they collected also helped them develop a data matrix to streamline the interpretation of the link between the data and the final emissions.

Reduction measures were identified, touching up on processes, tendering requirements, and supplier selection criteria.

In parallel to the main project objectives, the team provided the client with high-level recommendations on their general and internal GHG emissions. The project was more than data collection and calculation as it also involved stakeholder management, alignment with project leads, and several workshops.

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