Greenfish recently worked with a vertical transport global company with headquarters in Belgium on assessing their relocation targets. Greenfish specifically investigated the mobility aspect and its effect on employees.

Goal and Mission

Regulatory pressure has been growing on companies located in Brussels, specifically in regards to the parking spot quota. Our client decided to handle this by moving their headquarters to a more convenient location. Therefore, Greenfish was tasked with providing clear information about the current company mobility profile, as well as simulating the potential profiles, which lead to a qualitative analysis of the pros and cons of each destination.

This work is part of a broader scope that inevitably plays a role in relocation.

Approach and Methodology

Before opting for the most convenient destination, the definition of “convenient” had to be assessed. Therefore, a geo-mobility analysis of the current situation has been carried out to understand where the employees commute from, and what their needs are in terms of mobility. An additional analysis of the shift potential was also made, in order to understand the benefit of not moving. This type of analysis computes the proportion of employees who would potentially ditch the car as a daily commute mode to work. It is performed with the help of sharp geo-data science and powerful algorithms that deal with weighty data BLOBs.

The same analysis is then carried out for each potential destination, which is then templated into a detailed representation of the data that the client can study. 


The data that Greenfish analysed and displayed allowed the last client to discard 2 of 3 candidate sites just by looking at the sheer figures. The computed shift potential led to an alternative proposition, where the average commute time of each employee concerned was reduced by 6 minutes and 10 seconds. Though the decision is ultimately in the client’s hands, they found value in being able to numerically assess the impact of relocating, and were grateful for this.

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