When comfort meets performance, this is the perfect match that seduced our Greenfish electronics engineer by joining a market-leading manufacturer of HVAC components. At the heart of the R&D team, he contributes to the development of innovative next-generation product design and reliable solutions for the automation of HVAC systems in large utility buildings.

Nowadays, there is agreement on the usefulness of the energy efficiency, both ecologically and economically. Heating, air-conditioning and cooling systems are usually deemed to be one of the biggest energy consumers within company buildings. But we still need to know how to save energy and costs, and to optimise comfort control at the same time. As measuring is knowing, analysing the DNA of HVAC systems to the smallest detail constitutes the very essence of the client’s core business. And it is precisely where our consultant steps in. By creating the design and programming the software of embedded electronics, he develops a smart control system, on the basis of the precise requirements of each workspace, whilst providing efficient energy distribution at the same time.

In this context, the Greenfish engineer’s expertise and passion are fully dedicated to this innovation trend, driven by real market needs, and highly recommended to maintain a positive impetus in outperforming competition.

Additionally, not living close to the client’s office, our green consultant is committed to a new multi-modal urban mobility project in order to reduce the ecological impact linked to commuting.