Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy available. It is reliable, low-carbon and becoming more and more competitive. Today more than 100 countries use solar photovoltaics. Recent development in China and the US increased the worldwide capacity to 177 GW in 2014 (2% of global energy demand). By 2030, global capacity could be between 3 and 10 TW, making up to 20% of global electricity by 2050.

In 2016, only 1.6% of electricity in France is produced from photovoltaics. To help the energy transition, Greenfish is currently working with a major French actor in the energy sector. With subsidiaries in the US, Turkey and Israel as well as projects in Chile, India and Brazil, our client is specialized in renewable energy, mostly wind and solar.

Greenfish works within the photovoltaic engineering department, in a service involved at the start of numerous projects. The main tasks are to evaluate the energy yield potentially produced by the plant, to assess the solar resource available (based on satellite and on-site weather data) and to design the plant (modules, inverters, transformers…).

Plants already in operation are also studied, to compare actual energy production with prediction, with the aim of improving prediction tools. The main requests for proposal are currently in Saudi Arabia and France. Greenfish is also looking at the possibility to repower solar rooftop installations in France.