The Belgium’s transmission system operator is investing in the future of the Belgian high-voltage grid.
Via the high-voltage grid, the operator transmits electricity from power generators to large industrial consumers and to distribution networks, which can then convey it to consumers (households, businesses, etc.).

For several important grid upgrades and development projects, Greenfish consultants help with the design and management during different stages of the project (permits, procurement, execution,…). As project leader, the consultant reviews the technical aspects of the project and represents the client in meetings with other stakeholders. These projects involve the building of new foundations and pylons, the laying of new underground cables, and the building of tunnel constructions for high-voltage connections. Also, it includes the reinforcement of the pylons and foundations, the renovation of high-voltage lines, the building of new high-voltage substations, and the dismantlement of existing connections by laying them underground.

In this way, Greenfish assists in integrating renewable energy sources in our electricity system to ensure the energy can be available wherever and whenever it is needed.