Since one of many of Greenfish’s competences covers waste treatment, an engineer participated on a mission in the waste treatment industry.

In waste management, the leitmotiv is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. As waste will unfortunately always exist, it is paramount to focus on the 3rd step: recycle. Paper, metals and plastic foils are some elements that can be easily recycled, which has a great impact on the environment. This also prevents extraction and production processes of virgin material, resulting in diminished carbon emissions and a better handling of natural resources.

In order to recycle different materials properly, the waste needs to be sorted first. It is in this context that a Greenfish engineer participated in improving the function of a waste sorting unit. Both the quantity of waste treated and the quality of the outgoing streams had to be improved.

The challenge is tackled by improving the human resource management on one hand, and the technical working of the line on the other hand. A maintenance scheme has been developed, as well as a team analysis tool. With these, the people working on the sorting unit were aware of the tasks they had to perform and of how well they performed them. Moreover, technical changes on the process line were executed in order to allow a more efficient sorting.