For a major international player in the retail industry, Greenfish collaborates closely with the engineering and construction department.

To maintain its market position in Belgium, the engineering and construction department makes a complete overhaul of its existing building design. This complete redesign aims to make the buildings more environmentally friendly, customer friendly and employee friendly. The building services are designed with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind to reduce the impact that these new buildings have on our planet.

A Greenfish consultant contributes to the implementation of this design across running building sites. This requires validating the designs for each building, and ensuring the many different contractors execute the project within a very limited timeframe. To ensure the rollout of the new design is successful, the consultant is also responsible for training the project managers of each site.
After completion of the construction phase the consultant takes part in the commissioning and startup of each site gathering all the involved parties to ensure a qualitative and functional installation is commissioned.

Thanks to the consultant’s communicative and organizational skills, the various contractors are able to complete their installations in challenging and deadline driven circumstances.  The client is thus able to ensure that its stores will open on time, and that the installations will save energy and money from day one, which in the retail industry is vital to remain ahead of the competitors.