With global warming, the energy transition has become a major issue in our society. This requires access to new technologies to optimize the use and production of energy, particularly in the field of renewable energies.

In our Green Solutions department, two consultants are currently carrying out a feasibility study of vortex generators in order to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. This technology, which has been installed on aircrafts for several decades, is being used more and more for wind turbines. In aeronautics, the vortex generator is an aerodynamic surface placed on the front edge of an aircraft wing. Its geometry generates eddies to constrain the flow of air so it remains close to the surface. This dynamic allows it to continue to generate lift in extreme conditions where the wing normally should have stalled. Placed on wind turbine blades, vortex generators reduce flow separation and increase turbine efficiency.

The study carried out by our consultants concerns a large wind farm in Belgium. The project consists of a technical analysis phase and a second economic study phase. Today, we are launching the first phase which is divided into two parts:

  • The first part consists of analysis of different studies of the feasibility of vortex generators on wind turbines, a benchmark of the different existing technologies, a market analysis and, finally, an overview of all the client’s products. That is, the type of wind turbine, site data, as well as energy production information.
  • The other part deals with the technical and performance analyses that will determine the potential and the difficulties associated with this technology. To do this, wind turbines will be grouped according to their common characteristics (efficiency, wind speed, etc.). Finally, our consultants will extrapolate the results from the study to our client’s farms.

We will of course keep you informed of the evolution of this study.