Construction and renovation activities will either directly or indirectly impact the environment to varying degrees. It is not just the materials and methods used to construct a building that affect the environment; the way it is built to operate has a huge impact as well.

For the public sector, one of our Greenfish consultants is managing a website that will serve as a guidebook for Green buildings. This guidebook is addressed to architects, designers and everyone involved in the building’s construction, and will provide specific information about high quality environmental avenues within the building sector. In a holistic approach, this guidebook revolves not only around energy, water, materials and construction methods, but also around the human environment, its well-being and mobility.

To orchestrate the project, our consultant manages a team of 3 people. Together, they handle organization, the budget and follow-up with all the subcontractors and internal team members. They also develop partnerships, review all technical content and improve the visibility and ergonomics of the website.