Environmental remediation consists of all the techniques aiming at the removal of pollution or contaminants from air, soil, groundwater, sediment or surface water. Various technologies have been developed in order to accomplish this. One of the Greenfish consultants is currently working for a company whose core business is construction and demolition. Thanks to his background in environmental management and remediation technology, he helps the company to diversify their services with remediation projects.

He is in charge of soil and (ground)water remediation projects where both in-situ and ex-situ operations are implemented. His other tasks consist of supervising demolition and water purification operations. At the demolition projects it’s his purpose to get most of the materials recycled, e.g. transformers, different types of metal, bricks, concrete,… This waste streams of the demolition works are raw materials for next projects.

To accomplish his projects, he coordinates operations and takes care of finances and logistics. Depending on the mission, he manages a team of approximately 5 persons and various machinery (pumps, cranes, excavators, etc.).