One of the 7 pillars of circular economy is recycling. In order to take part in the circular economy, waste can be recycled and turned into heat which converts water into high pressure steam that is used to produce a significant amount of electricity. Several steps ensure that only a minimum amount of emissions ends up in the atmosphere. Instead of dumping everything into the soil, which is all but a durable way of handling waste, the caloric value of any small or big piece is thus converted into energy.


A Greenfish consultant has joined the maintenance team of an important player in the energy industry which uses this circular economy process. Their huge and complex installations are subject to a lot of mechanical forces, wear and heat. Help was needed to keep these systems running, to ensure a constant energy production and to make sure the gasses were cleaned.

Our consultant is therefore responsible for the maintenance analysis. Minimizing maintenance costs and preventing the amount of shut-downs on the long term are his principal goals. With attention to the budget, he ensures that our client saves a lot of money on maintenance, reaches its emission standards and produces electricity at the maximum possible rate.