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Greenfish Energy Strategy service

Updated: May 18

By Timo Bottema

As an engineering and advisory company believing in a sustainable and profitable future, we help you accelerate your sustainable transformation and reach long-term competitiveness and climate neutrality thanks to our 360° approach. We offer several services within our five main areas of expertise, such as our Greenfish Energy Strategy (formerly Greenfish Renewable Energy Acceleration Team).

This service fills in an essential gap within Greenfish’s 360° approach. After an organization has defined their sustainability targets and ambitions, a GHG (greenhouse gas) assessment or a reduction roadmap can be done. It is then important to set up certain Science Based Targets (SBTs) and quite a few of them will be related to a company’s energy usage, as energy is often a key contributor to an organization’s emissions. Greenfish Energy Strategy is here to help you translate these targets into concrete and tailor-made energy implementations.

“We are delighted to help anyone who comes to us with ambitions regarding their energy system, whether it is through sustainable production or reduction.”

Essential to our approach is our desire to ensure organizations can keep focused on their core business throughout the project. We support our clients with all the effort and expertise necessary to guarantee a smooth and careless transition.

Our methods

Our service consists of three main pillars and within those pillars we offer a variety of solutions targeting a company’s entire energy system. We will always employ a full system approach as we consider it vital to understand its full complexity. This service’s three main pillars are:

  • Energy reduction or efficiency

  • Green energy production

  • Energy storage

We will always advise organizations, for financial and technical reasons, to analyze their entire energy system and completely optimize it in order to get outstanding results in terms of investment. Nevertheless, our team is flexible and will gladly support you with all your sustainable energy ambitions.

With experience in all phases of an energy project – from a concept phase to the final implementation – our expert team is active in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, and combines solid engineering and conceptual skills with an entrepreneurial mindset. In comparison to our competitors, we do not work with fixed solutions or products, giving us room for creativity in our engineering process. This allows us to always come up with the best technical and financial solutions for our clients.

On top of the incredible benefits we realize for individual organizations, we also help companies to benefit from cooperation in energy system projects. To give you an idea of the possibilities: we are currently working with a group of 10+ companies who share a common investor. The project focuses on solar energy production but also includes energy reduction plans and energy system integration wherever it makes sense. The scope of the project ranges from grant applications, financial and technical feasibility studies to support during implementations. Our collaborative approach offers these companies major advantages in terms of cost, efficiency, quality and sustainability.

Whatever your energy challenge is and regardless of where you are based, we will help you with a tailor-made approach.

Are you interested in accelerating your sustainable transformation?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to energystrategy@greenfish.eu for more information.

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