Mobility is a topic of concern for everyone. From the moment you took your first step, mobility has been part of your daily life, and even some of its happiest moments! First, your parents were so proud of you when you learned how to walk. Then, you got a bike and were so excited to show your biking skills to all your friends. Later on, it is your driver’s license that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for adventure. Mobility is so important that people always find a way to stay mobile. Nevertheless, we have to rethink the way we do it.

Nowadays, owning a personal motorized vehicle is the norm, and this has led to an incredibly high number of cars on the roads. In Belgium only, there are about 5.6 million cars for approximately 11.3 million people. Linked to this is the issue of company cars, which is particularly significant in our country with around 625.000 company cars. All these vehicles make for huge bills: 100 million euros for the vehicles in Brussels (150 million in Antwerp) or even 2 billion euros a year for the Belgian Federal Government.

Not only do cars generate traffic jams and cost a lot of money, they also contribute considerably to the rise in greenhouse gas emissions. In 2015, 22,6% of the Belgian emissions were caused by transport and it is the sector that has grown the most since 1990.

However, we can still make a change. At Greenfish, we are convinced that we can reach a sustainable future while remaining competitive in a decentralized, digitalized and decarbonized society. We have therefore developed an integrated Greenfish Mobility Plan which considers our staff and consultants’ working conditions and fits perfectly into our CSR approach and our certification process (ISO 14001 and 9001). This plan offers the choice between different attractive packages composed of multi-modal commuting solutions. As the Positive Impact Company, we invite our people to give serious thought to their mobility and the environment, and we encourage them to select the one that best meets the needs of both the employee and our planet.

The Greenfish mobility plan proposes four different options:


  • SMART MOVING / Ditch your car and bike like a star

This package provides a monthly subscription to public transports (bus, tram, metro or train) for all professional commuting, along with an electric bike. This is the perfect package for consultants/staff who do not need a company car for their daily operations at Greenfish. The emissions of CO2 turn around 322 kg per year with this package.

  • SMART RIDING / Ditch your car, share a car or bike like a star

This package is for employees wanting to move in a sustainable way while keeping their mobility options open. Thanks to a mobile application, it provides a monthly subscription to public transports and a subscription to car sharing services. Employees choosing this option also receive an electric bike and a car can be provided while they leave for holiday. The emissions of CO2 turn around 365kg per year with this package.

  • SMART DRIVING / Keep the car but don’t drive too far

This package provides a company car which may be used for professional and private purposes. However, we strongly recommend the choice of an electric or hybrid car as it better matches our Greenfish values. This is the reason why we also provide an electric bike if an electric or hybrid car is chosen.We propose the following type of cars:

– Thermal car:This type of car is still needed for employees who drive more than 30.000 Km per year. With this kind of car, the emissions of CO2 turn around 747kg/year.
– Hybrid car:The emissions of CO2 turn around 469kg/year.
– Electric car:The emissions of CO2 turn around 222kg/year.

  • SMART CASH / Ditch your car and use your dollars wisely

The “Cash for car” program will be applied within Greenfish once the bill will be published in the Belgian Official journal. We are thus waiting for the social secretariat’s consent to officially implement it. This package will allow employees who have had a company car for a long enough time to return it in exchange for a mobility allowance (which will be based on the catalogue value of the company car).

In addition to these packages, we also launched a Zero Gram CO2 per km initiative within Greenfish. Bike kilometers are counted and reimbursed for 0,23 EUR per km. This initiative will continue as long as a positive impact on our fuel consumption can be seen.

Greenfish believes in a having clear, long-term view of its impact on mobility and is willing to set tailored goals for its mobility program. The ultimate target is, of course, to decrease our carbon footprint collectively and individually. We aim to incorporate this mobility mindset within our company and engage in similar activities with our partners and clients. This is a long road to travel, so stay on board for our next Mobility topic!