One week ago, the European Commission launched for the 17th time its European Mobility Week from 16 to 22 September with the aim to improve quality of life by promoting clean mobility and sustainable urban transport. This opportunity to explore the role of mobility in our daily lives and to experiment with clean transport modes is perfectly in line with our Greenfish values. It is thus quite naturally that our company took part in the campaign and engaged in mobility initiatives to inspire our collaborators to use greener means of transport.

Having launched our new Greenfish Mobility Plan sooner this year, proposing different multimodal and sustainable mobility packages to our collaborators, we wanted to encourage everyone to consider different mobility options and select the most appropriate ones for each of their commuting. By mixing the way we move, we can save time, improve our health and lower our transport costs, as well as our carbon footprint.

Even thought our Greenfishers already prioritise green means of transport every year-round (such as electric bikes, public transports, and car sharing), we encouraged everyone during the week thanks to the launching of different mobility challenges. For this second organized Greenfish Mobility Week, 15% of our company took part in these actions:

  • Mobility Challenge:

Our Mobility Challenge encouraged each employee to leaver their car at home and to commute by bike or foot at least twice during the week. In addition, each employee had to send an original picture in link with the mobility, along with a testimonial providing a comparative table listing the pros and cons of the alternative mode of transport used. Furthermore, Business Managers were encouraged to prospect digitally as often as possible during the week to prevent any unnecessary travel.

  • Greenfish’s KM Meter:

Another of our Greenfish’s initiative is the KM Meter: every employee had to calculate the number of KM they did by bus, train, bike or foot every day from the 16th to the 22nd.

The following diagram is an indicator of how many kilometers per transportation options our employees used during the Mobility Week:

  • The Great Traffic Quiz:

Between October 18 and November 18, Greenfish will encourage its employees to participate in the 08th edition of the Great Traffic Quiz. This challenge gives the opportunity to refresh the traffic knowledge of our collaborators in a fun way. At the end of the testing period, it will provide a business report detailing interesting statistics such as the number of participants within Greenfish, our average score, the best and worst answered questions, etc. All this data will then be used to make an inventory about Greenfish’s knowledge regarding road safety.

  • Our new Greenfish Mobility Plan:

Greenfish launched its new Mobility Plan in May 2018. As more and more industries and companies are aware that commuting is a pivotal issue, elaborating a green mobility plan with alternatives to company cars has become of paramount importance, especially in Belgium. To learn more about the various sustainable mobility packages we propose into our company, please read this article.