Each year, Greenfish organises its Greenfish Intership Program (GIP), a 6-month program for newly hired graduates with a degree in:





During these 6 months, they will discover various staff positions within Greenfish: Human Capital, Admin and Business Manager. Depending on their profile, they will also have the opportunity to integrate into our Green Solutions Department and help them on their projects.

The Greenfish Internship Program follows this cycle:

  1. First, you will work as a Junior Human Capital Recruiter (including one week working as an Admin) for 3 months,
  2. During the second 3 months, you will work as a Junior Business Manager, assisting the team to reinforce their network and get more insight on the market.

With our GIP, we aim to ensure that young graduates begin their professional life in the best way possible and that they can smoothly integrate into the company.


“What I really appreciated about this Program is the opportunity it gives to young graduates. I studied law, so I probably wouldn’t have the chance to work in Business or Human Resources’ positions if I hadn’t done the GIP. At first, the Program might be a little bit stressful because we had goals to meet and it challenged us on a daily basis. But it enables you to learn quickly. We also had brainstorming sessions during which we could talk about our progress and feelings. After the 3 months, you know what position you want to have and I’m now currently enjoying working in the Human Capital Department!” – Valentine, GIP 2017


Taking part into our Internship Program means more than getting involved in the day-to-day activities of the company. At Greenfish, you will get your hands on real projects and challenges in a young and dynamic environment, and gain real-world experience. This Program will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to have a positive impact on the company, but also on the environment. You will be able to experience our corporate culture, understand our values, and become familiar with our activities. In addition, this Program will allow you to create a network within our Greenfis ecosystem and to better position yourself in the job market.

This year, the GIP’s Assessment Day took place on the 12th of September in our Greenfish offices. The participants presented their Business Cases in groups and the 2018’s new GIPs will soon officially join our team! Stay tuned.

Despite the opening being now closed, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in one of our programs or another position at Greenfish.

Info and registrations here.