At Greenfish, we operate from a strong sense of purpose. This is reflected in both the nature of our service offering and in the way we do business and interact with our partners and clients. COVID-19 heightened this sense of purpose. This crisis spurred on a renewed discussion on why we exist and what we aim to achieve.

We set up our main reflection on our current tagline, vision and mission which needed to better illustrate who we are and what we do.


Business Minded. Sustainability Driven.


What does it mean?
… that we are helping to build a greener future. We do this thanks to our people and knowledge which make and/or keep businesses future proof: from tackling technical challenges with the commitment of people to active involvement in our clients’ strategic sustainability issues.

This new tagline perfectly fits into the Greenfish Group’s overall brand strategy. It is one more component that will help us communicate everything Greenfish is doing. It also comes with an updated identity and value proposition that will allow us to better capture what society is currently demanding companies to be, specifically during these unprecedented times.

2020 is the year that our ecosystem clearly sees how Greenfish has been transforming in recent years through new services, experiences and initiatives.

After a decade, The Positive Impact Company is giving way to a new tagline that evolves with our purpose. Even if we will always remain a Positive Impact Company,  we needed to move away from this positioning which is not specific enough to our daily activities.


Our vision:
To create a fully sustainable and profitable future.

Our mission:
To accelerate your sustainable transition, foster knowledge, and shape the future we want, together. 

Sustainably yours,

Nassim Daoudi
Chief Executive Officer at Greenfish