“Sharing gets you further”, the 2017 slogan for the European Mobility week, encapsulates exactly what Greenfish and Kowo wish for their clients through their recent partnership. Ready to be launched in October, this valuable collaboration will help Greenfish’ clients to expand their sustainable Corporate Mobility Plan with the KOWO web and mobile application.


This year, the European Mobility week is placed under the theme of “Clean, shared and intelligent mobility” and is therefore focused on shared forms of transport, which are efficient in lowering our carbon footprint. One of these alternative modes of transport is carpooling, a solution unfortunately too often met with annoyance or disregard. Especially in a country like Belgium, well-known for its heavy use of company cars, carpooling has a positive impact on the environment and helps to reduce traffic on the roads. Additionally, carpooling helps commuters to live with less stress and more comfort. Sharing a ride with fellow colleagues and commuters is much fun. By the way, did you know that if 10% of the daily commuters would carpool, traffic jams would decrease by 40%?

A number of different applications have already appeared on the market in order to facilitate this greener use of the car. Kowo on the other hand, differs in a variety of ways and offers a solution that has essentially been designed for companies. Besides, Kowo is already in use with a variety of big companies such as ING, Carrefour, Elia, Securex, d’Ieteren, Delaware Consulting, etc. Kowo caught the interest of Greenfish for its company-friendly qualities. We believe our clients would greatly benefit from this application, as it doesn’t only favor carpooling between employees from the same firm, but has recently developed the inter-company solution, meaning that employees from various companies can share their rides together. This new feature increases Kowo’s convenience and makes this partnership even more profitable and at the same time, expand employees’ social networks.

“In light of the mobility week, Kowo has successfully launched its service with a variety of companies with whom we have started to create our Kowo community. Sustainability is part of our mission statement and having signed a partnership with Greenfish is going to strengthen that! We look forward to be working hand in hand and help to expand Greenfish’ clients with their Sustainable Corporate Mobility plans.”
Nicolas Rampelbergs, Managing Partner – Kowo

 How does it work?

Once a company has acquired the service, its employees can register as passengers, drivers or both (passenger or driver) and enter all relevant information for their commute (arrival time, date, start and end address, etc.). Thanks to an algorithm, every day at 7:00pm, users are being automatically matched according to their preferences. When being matched, people receive a notification and their commute becomes an uber-like experience. Requesting a ride for the next day only takes 15 seconds, being one of Kowo’s distinctive features. Another main advantage is Kowo’s insurance policy, for which they have partnered up with AXA. The AXA insurance policy provides end users with a destination insurance. Let’s look at an example, should your driver not show up in the morning or should you have an emergency (ex. Illness) in the afternoon whilst you had a return trip planned with a driver in the evening, you will be able to contact AXA assistance and they will provide you with either a taxi ride back home or a first-class train ticket to go back home.

Carpooling with colleagues interestingly provides more advantages than commonly believed, both for the employer and the employee. First of all, more people in one car implies fewer cars on the road (meaning less traffic), fewer accidents and eventually less stress related to driving and to finding parking spots, a nightmare for both companies and employees. Secondly, the informal networking taking place in the car is favorable to companies. Studies have shown that relationships between coworkers impacts job satisfaction. Not only does it increase social links between colleagues, it also reduces CO2 emissions. At the same time, this enhances corporate image and helps achieving sustainability goals as part of a company’s Corporate Social Responsibility. The Kowo application enables the employer to access a lot of reliable data through a back-office system. This management interface provides, for example, insights on CO2 reductions and financial savings but can also help the company to launch engagement campaigns. The latter being extremely useful in times of strikes or teambuilding initiatives.

Last but not least, using Kowo also presents a financial benefit. For the employee driving with a private car, fiscal deductions can be granted. In addition, for the employee-passenger, it reduces maintenance and fuel costs. It has been calculated that carpooling could save an individual up to 1,116€ a year if he drives 7,000km a year (around 30km for 250 working days). The company who pays for the service by means of acquiring “kowometers” (kilometers of carpooling) will save a significant amount on its fleet and fuel costs. If you believe, like we do, that you or your company could benefit from this service, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.