Last May at the Green Mind University, Greenfish and EcoChain’s partnership was officially launched. The partnership is based on the implementation of sustainable value creation and will enter its active phase by September. This partnership represents a unique opportunity for any company with the ambition to reduce its global footprint and to identify the highest ROI on sustainable investments on all life-cycle stages.


Corporate Social Responsibility is no longer a matter of a few good deeds that are often seen as “just another PR-related mission”. Long gone is the viewpoint that sustainably oriented programs and initiatives have a negative impact on the financial situation of a company. Today, we talk about Sustainable Value Creation (SVC) since we believe there is value for a company to be sustainable beyond the limit of its industrial and business activities. In fact, societal levers (e.g. environmental externalities, social conditions, wellbeing & health and ultimately changing consumers’ behaviors) play a key role in the long-term performance of a company.

As an innovative consulting company specializing in sustainability, Greenfish has developed a specific approach based on SVC. This has been achieved by creating Green Solutions (GS), a department fully-dedicated to the SVC sustainability framework. The GS team assists companies assessing their current situation with state-of-the-art technologies and partnerships.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it…

Globalization has brought significant changes in both value and logistic chains. The first step for a company involved in a sustainable transformation is to clarify its current footprint. The life cycle assessment (LCA) technique, which consists of assessing environmental impacts associated with all stages of a product’s life, appears to be a fundamental driving process. Moreover, 80% of greenhouse gas emissions produced to deliver a final product can be attributed to the consumer or manufacturing company’s suppliers [1]. Therefore, a proper strategic management of the companies’ network of suppliers allows to drastically reduce the external costs. However, it requires a long-term process involving experts and committed suppliers to work together on the bases of data.

“EcoChain recognizes the expertise of Greenfish consultants to implement and interpret our software into profitable action. Our companies share a similar culture enabling improvements in the sustainable business cases of manufacturing companies. Our collaboration allows the optimization of processes and resources consumption, and the transparent communication of the environmental footprint on the whole value chain.”
Boudewijn Mos, Founder and Director Business Development – EcoChain

For these reasons, Greenfish’s Green Solutions department is partnering with the successful Dutch company EcoChain, which has developed a unique and innovative IT solution. Covering all environmental externalities in an holistic approach, the software quantifies the life-cycle impacts for the entire products portfolio. Greenfish consultants interpret the data from EcoChain’s software and provide you reliable information to influence your core business decisions: consumption, supply and communication in energy and resources fields. Unlike traditional analyses, this technology is connected to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and accurately indicates the environmental impact by breaking down the processes into specific externalities. Once all steps have been identified and quantified, they can be aggregated to determine the ecological footprint of a product, a process, a plant or a full value chain. In addition, data flows are entirely encrypted, allowing suppliers to submit their results to their clients without jeopardizing their raw data privacy.[1] On the other hand, companies can then rank their suppliers according to their environmental footprint as well.

From analysis to action

Thanks to this highly valuable symbiotic partnership, companies are quickly and efficiently shifting towards sustainable production while maintaining growth and profit. By September, pilot projects will be launched at our clients and any company interested will have the opportunity to adopt this revolutionary tool which provides valuable knowledge about sustainability performances on all levels of the company. Are you ready to help the transition towards a society where prosperity and protecting ecosystems are in perfect harmony? Contact us for further information about the pilot opportunity.

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