From September 16th to 22nd, the European Commission launched the 18th edition of the European Mobility Week.  This year’s edition focused on safe walking and cycling with the slogan: Walk with us! At the end of every mobility week, a car free day in the cities. This alternative, greener way of transportation is perfectly in line with our Greenfish values. It is thus quite logical that our company took part in the campaign and engaged in mobility initiatives to inspire our colleagues to use greener means of transport.

Having launched our new Greenfish Mobility Plan last year which proposed different multimodal and sustainable mobility packages to our collaborators, we wanted to encourage everyone to consider different mobility options and select the most appropriate ones for each of their commutes. By mixing the way we move, we can save time, improve our health and lower our transport costs, in addition to lowering our carbon footprint.

Even though our Greenfishers already prioritize green means of transport year-round (such as electric bikes, public transport, and car sharing), we wanted to encourage everyone during the week to take part in different mobility challenges. For its third edition of Greenfish’s Mobility Week, our company took part in these activities:

City Game

At Greenfish Brussels, four colleagues participated in the City Game of Maestromobile. These brave souls tried to find the most efficient routes through the concrete jungle that is Brussels. The goal of this game was to reach as many checkpoints in the Belgian capital as possible by using as many modes of transport as possible. Although they did not win the game, they did learn a lot about the different modes of transportation in Brussels.

Greenfish’s KM count:

Another one of Greenfish’s initiatives is the KM Count: every employee had to calculate the number of kilometers they traveled by bus, train, tram, bike, foot, carpool or electrical car every day from the 16th to the 22nd of September.

The following diagram is an indicator of how many KM per transportation options our employees used during Mobility Week:

The Mobility Quiz:

The colleagues from France created a mobility related quiz that was shared with all locations, testing their knowledge about the challenges and innovations in the mobility sector. As the onboarding sessions in France took place during the European Mobility Week, the Paris team included the quiz about mobility within the welcome drink that followed the session. It was the occasion for both staff and consultants to share their knowledge and learn more.

Electrical car sharing and donation to charity:

At the Greenfish office in The Netherlands they set up a two-sided action for mobility week. The first part of the initiative was that the Greenfishers would register their electrical vehicles at blablacar and let travelers carpool with them to reduce emissions. The second part of this initiative was that they donated the money to charity.

The Greenfish Bike Tour & Afterwork

On the Thursday of Greenfish’s Mobility Week, several Greenfishers came together for a bike tour, exploring nature within the city. This was the perfect way to get to know your colleagues and to get to know the city in a different way. At the end of the bike tour, Greenfishers could share their experiences over food and drinks at the afterwork.

Our Mobility Plan

Greenfish launched its new Mobility Plan in May 2018. Today we are proud to say that several of our colleagues have already signed up for our Mobility Plan.

Today we have 5 people who took the Cash for Car alternative, 4 people took the Mobility Budget and 16 people chose the Olympus App. This is a step in the right direction. To learn more about the various sustainable mobility packages we offer at Greenfish, please read this article.