Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Consequently, knowledge and expertise are precisely what Greenfish offers. On the one hand, we have our consultants, skilled engineers solving complex but specific issues identified by companies and, on the other hand, our new department named “Green Solutions”. This team of experts uses its analysis and reflection capabilities to reduce ­­­the environmental impact of companies in a general perspective. They guide our customers in the transition process by spotting ideal opportunities for improvement and implementing technical solutions or encouraging behavioral changes.


Going green: Environmental and competitive advantages …

Nowadays, the whole world discusses climate change and the importance of taking actions to reduce our ecological footprint. As a consequence, countries intervene out of responsibility for their population and individuals for the sake of their children but companies and businesses, why should they take action? Actually, there are many reasons. Frequently mentioned are the obvious benefits for the environment and health, which are very profitable in terms of reputation. Moreover, businesses can gain competitive advantages from process optimization, cost savings and risk mitigation. Indeed, the financial world is always seeking investments with the lowest risks. As a matter of fact, most banks favor green-minded businesses when attributing loans.[1]

… but not only!

The above advantages are more tangible but other lesser known benefits can ensue from green decisions. According to a study comparing 5220 French firms[2], eco-friendly measures lead to a higher labor productivity. When adapting to environmental standards, a company undergoes organizational changes and then experiences an increase in training and in interpersonal relations. All this has proven to be very effective in boosting the employee’s productivity. Besides, people tend to feel better about their company and therefore become ambassadors for their workplace. Today, being green attracts a higher number of employees, especially young people, and additionally appeals to new clients preferring green partners over conventional industries.

 How Green Solutions can help?

A lot of actions can be put in place to greenify your company. However, not everybody knows where to start to bring about the most effective and positive changes. This is where Green Solutions steps in. This new Greenfish department has developed extensive expertise in energy efficiency, resource & waste management, and environmental regulations. All this knowledge is structured and used for a specific purpose: find personalized solutions for companies to reach the full potential of their projects in a sustainable way. Green Solutions spots the various opportunities that would help to improve not only the efficiency of the processes through engineering solutions, but also the employee mindset and behaviors, offering a holistic approach.

Business Case

A chocolate company wants to reduce its environmental footprint but does not know how to proceed to be efficient while also considering the environment. To support it, Green Solutions implements a platform to collect and share easily accurate data about the impact of its activity. For instance, this tool may highlight the importance of the supply chain (raw chocolate suppliers) or the behavior of the operators on site. With this information, we elaborate with our client several solutions and help them with the implementation. Regarding the supply chain, the platform could help compare the environmental footprint of the chocolate suppliers which allows the manufacturer to choose the most sustainable producer. And for the operators, Green Solutions can organize workshops and trainings to sensitize them to use resources more responsibly.

Green Solutions has already carried out several projects and is ready to support you in your environmental initiatives. If you too believe that sustainability is linked to growth, follow Benjamin Franklin’s advice and you will observe positive changes within your company.


[1] Delmas, M. A., & Pekovic, S. (2013). Environmental standards and labor productivity: Understanding the mechanisms that sustain sustainability. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 34(2), 230-252.