Energy Strategy

The energy transition is in full swing. We create future-proof energy strategies for our clients whereby we actively contribute to accelerating the decarbonisation of their energy system. 

We identify bottlenecks in our client's current or future energy systems. Our consultants thereby focus on 3 main components when analysing this energy system:


  • Sustainable production

  • Resilient infrastructure

  • Efficient consumption. 

Energy Production focuses on low-carbon energy generation. Our consultants look for opportunities that provide a reduction in your carbon footprint while considering potential financial requirements set by the client. 

The Energy Infrastructure is all about transporting energy from producer to consumer. The rising share in decentralised production together with increasing demand from electrification cause congestion to be an increasingly pressing challenge in the electricity grid. We aim at reducing the impact our clients’ energy system has on the grid, with the goal of becoming independent of the grid. Solutions might then be in the form of energy storage or implementing a close distribution system, among others. 

Within Energy Consumption, we look at opportunities that enable efficient use of energy. Increasing efficiency can be very effective, or matching energy demand with the available supply. 

This leads to an aspect that we see as an integral and vital component of our service, which is our system approach. Determining the most effective energy system strategy is done most effectively when the system is considered as a whole, rather than looking at components separately. 


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