Energy Strategy

The energy market is constantly changing, with solar and other types of sustainable energy playing a more dominant role in our energy supply. This presents both opportunities and challenges in the market. With our Energy Strategy service, we actively accelerate the energy transition and guide companies to successfully invest in renewable energy. 

Would you also like to invest in sustainable energy without any worries? 

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We believe in a sustainable and profitable future. We are convinced that a commitment to the highest environmental and social standards is key to ensure business resilience and profitability. Our goal is to accelerate the energy transition by enabling companies to successfully invest in sustainable energy.


Are you ready to take a real sustainable step and determine together what the world of tomorrow looks like?

Energy Strategy

Energy Strategy offers innovative solutions for your energy system to help your organisation make sustainable progress.


Together with our experienced engineers, you will identify your needs. From your sustainability ambitions to any technical challenges your organisation faces, we can carefully guide your company through each phase by following the steps below:     


  • Feasibility study  

  • SDE++ application  

  • Call for tenders  

  • Project management  

4 steps

Step 1

Feasibility Study

To investigate whether solar energy can become part of your future energy system, it is wise to carry out a thorough feasibility study. 


This starts with defining the objectives (sustainability, financial, etc.) against which the feasibility can be measured.  Next, all project risks are mapped out before the investment decision is made.  


In addition to the question "how much energy can be generated?", Greenfish goes deeper into the question "how can the generated energy be used?". Answering this question is essential for a strong business case and a minimal impact on the electricity grid.  


To achieve this we create an optimisation of the energy system and the business case, by integrating the possibilities of energy storage, demand management and energy generation.   


In this phase we also involve the insurer. Greenfish can support you in the discussions by mapping the expectations of the insurer and incorporate them in the design.  

Step 2

SDE++ application

When the feasibility of your investments in solar energy has been established, a subsidy can be applied for. The SDE++ subsidy plays an important role in the profitability and long-term security of your investment in solar energy. An important aspect of this application is choosing an adequate phase amount. A high phase amount reduces the chance of receiving subsidy, but a phase amount that is too low may not be sufficient to cover the unprofitable top of the investment.  


Through a detailed feasibility study, Greenfish determines the right tier amount for your system, taking into account your organisation's balance between energy generation and energy consumption.  


Until now, Greenfish has a 100% success rate for applying for SDE++ subsidies. Directly arrange your SDE++ application? Click here!

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Why Greenfish?

Not only is our approach innovative, but so is the way we deal with challenges in the market.


One of the biggest challenges today is grid congestion. Due to the strong growth of renewable energy, the electricity network cannot cope with the electricity production. If we want to speed up the energy transition, we must think in terms of solutions rather than problems. In fact, grid congestion need not be a problem if we make concessions



We believe that every energy system is unique and act accordingly. We look at all options to match energy generation with energy consumption. Elements such as energy storage, batteries, the number of solar panels and the necessary subsidy are carefully coordinated, whereby it is important to take future developments into account. 

Would you like to invest in sustainable energy and be completely relieved of the burden? Seize this opportunity to work with creative and enterprising engineers who put your needs first.


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