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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since the foundation of Greenfish part of Accenture in 2010, Corporate Social Responsibility has underpinned all of our activities as a sustainable company. We are working hand-in-hand with our stakeholders to successfully guide our clients in their business transformation.


To achieve our mission and align with our positioning, we commit to:

  • Making stakeholders’ satisfaction the focus of our activities and principles.

  • Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success by understanding their needs.

  • Educating our employees on the importance of meeting internal, contractual, legal and any other applicable requirements.

  • Developing a corporate culture based on respect for people, whether in diversity, religion, politics, or any other element that makes up the human being and its relationships.

  • Encouraging our employees to positively impact our environment, whether in their professional or personal lives.

  • Providing our employees with an environment that enhances their technical skills while developing their entrepreneurial skills.

  • Driving continuous improvement in all processes of our strategic and operational activities.

  • Supporting our employees in reporting adverse events, risks, and opportunities.

On our way to enhancing our positive impact.

In line with these objectives and willingness to guarantee responsibility and transparency, we present our first GRI report.

Solidarity projects...

Electrification of a hospital in Pawa, DRC

At the request of Memisa, a Belgian NGO, Engineers Without Borders and Greenfish part of Accenture were responsible for the electrification plans for the hospital and the acceptance of the work: the 55 solar panels, the batteries and the interior electrical installation. The work and the supply of materials were entrusted to a Congolese company.  Two hospital employees were also trained to maintain and repair the installations.

More info soon!