Hi, we are

Greenfish !

Business minded.

Sustainability driven.

Every day since our creation in 2010, we follow our strong identity.
Driven by our passion for sustainability, we positively impact the world
through our 3 values:


Believing in honest and transparent relationships with our stakeholders.


Assisting our clients to achieve their sustainable business objectives through our range of services and green tech solutions.


Striving to positively impact our environment and minimize our human footprint on the planet by carefully choosing our daily actions.

Our Vision & Mission


To create a fully sustainable and profitable future.


To accelerate your sustainable transition, foster knowledge, and shape the future we want, together.

Greenfish Story

2020 / UNIFY

In 2020, Greenfish is entering a new phase in its global development. Our aim is to have a bigger impact on our society and to integrate sustainability as a business case. Our Unify program will reinforce our commitment to conduct business and pursue our goals in an innovative and unified way, across all our locations. We do this to maintain our mission, vision and values as a one global company. This will strategically strengthen our positive and sustainable impact on society, as well as foster value creation for all our stakeholders.

2019 / SCALE

In 2019, we are scaling up from 2 to 3 service lines, with the arrival of Consulting in addition to the existing Contracting and Green Solutions service lines. We also commit to implement the necessary actions to control and decrease as much as achievable our environmental impacts and to promote the CSR approach at Greenfish, but also at the clients to have greater impact.

2018 / ENHANCE

This year, we strengthen our organization and foster our capabilities to become an opinion leader in sustainability. With inspiration from the SDGs, we put our philosophy into practice and commit to sustainable development while actively being involved in becoming a leading example for our ecosystem.

2017 / SHAPE

After growing and tripling our size, it is now time to shape our organization. This year we set our focus on delivering green solutions and fostering knowledge sharing. 

2016 / GROWTH

We grow in Belgium, developing our business lines while Greenfish France opens in Paris and 56 people join our team.


We stop our recruitment activities and completely focus on our consultancy in order to provide in-house expertise to become a market leader on sustainable issues.


We start to move from recruitment towards consultancy and change our name to Greenfish Consulting.


2011 marks the first anniversary of Green Recruitment. Our team includes 8 people and the placements rise to 32 in Belgium.

2010 / LAUNCH

Two young entrepreneurs respond to the growing demand for experts in the environmental sector and create the recruitment company called Green Recruitment.

Our family Team

We owe our success to the people forming our ecosystem. We also take pride in investing not only in our clients but also in the cohesion of our Greenfish team in Belgium, France, and The Netherlands. That’s why we organize several informal events such as trips, impact sessions, trainings and original activities over the year.

Teamspirit is the keyword!

PS: If you wish to be part of this initiative, we strongly advise you to visit our Careers page!