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To facilitate the transition towards a more sustainable society and economy, Greenfish helps its clients solve their most complex issues by delivering expertise in Energy Efficiency, Quality-Health-Safety-Environment, Industrial Engineering & Optimisation, Sustainable Construction, Project Management, Corporate Strategy, and Supply Chain and Procurement. We respond to your specific needs with a defined project by using a sustainable approach.  This commitment type gives access to expertise, overseen by the content definition of the client’s team project, project duration, and project management. It is ideal for maximum adaptability and flexibility.


We assist your organisation in strategy, structure and operations to pursue your long-term projects in CSR, Operational Performance, Energy Transition and QHSE. We evaluate your needs and provide expert adivces on how to solve your most critical issues. We focus on your needs by designing a tailor made consulting project for you. We propose sustainable solutions using the knowledge acquired through our contracting experience and internal research within Green Solutions. This commitment type means availability, as of the project launch, of the project definition and delivery date. Management of the project is based on results with a focus on quality, cost, delivery, and KPI’s, under the responsibility of a Greenfish Project Manager.


Green Solutions work as a Knowledge Centre where they develop market analyses and business intelligence to advise and support your company and contribute to your projects with in-depth studies. They assess your current situation with state-of-the-art technologies, suggest opportunities according to your strategic goals and implement them into your company’s context. Green Solutions’ consultants have developed thorough expertise in Energy Efficiency, Waste, Carbon, and Change Management.


Our Industries

Our Industries

Our Competence Centres

Energy Transition

Storage systems
Smart grids
Grid infrastructure, operations & development
Energy efficiency
Electrical engineering

QHSE Management

Change management
ISO certifications
Organisational performance
Measures and assessments

Operational Performance

Production efficiency
Product quality improvement
Maintenance management
Supply chain management
Lean management

CSR & Sustainability

Sustainable Business Strategy
Materiality Assessment
Risk Identification
Change Management
Trainings & Workshops
CSR Reporting
Stakeholder Engagement
Communication Strategies

Latest Projects






January 10, 2019 in Whitepaper

Pharmaceutical companies in the Belgian environment – Sustainability and transparency benchmark

This paper highlights the overall impact of VGs on typical wind farms from a technical point of view. First, we begin with an introduction on the need for VGs and…
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December 3, 2018 in News

A Zero-Waste Week at Greenfish

A few months ago, Greenfish started developing a new project: the Green Improvement Index (GII). Participation will help companies to evaluate their sustainability and transparency practices, and to improve on…
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November 8, 2018 in News

Our #8 Impact Session was about…Europe: Leader of the ecological and solidarity transition?

Each year, Greenfish organizes its Greenfish Young Potential Program (GYPP), a one-year program for newly hired graduates to take part in diverse and exciting engineering projects to successfully kick-off and…
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September 2018

  • 05/09 – 05/10: International Charity Day – Greenfish is launching a clothes donation in favour of the association BXL Refugees
  • 07/09: Greenfish Afterwork!
  • 15/09: World CleanUp Day – Greenfishers will take part in this civic action by cleaning up our neigbourhood’ streets
  • 20/09: Impact Session – A 100% renewable energy world in 2050 by Hervé Jeanmart

October 2018

  • 05/09 – 05/10: International Charity Day – Greenfish is launching a clothes donation in favour of the association BXL Refugees
  • 02/10: Impact Session – Where do we stand on global warming by Raymond Bradley
  • 24/10: CSR Morning Session – Presentation of CSR at Greenfish
  • 26/10: Greenfish Afterwork!

November 2018

  • 06/11: Impact Session – Europe: Leader of the ecological and solidarity transition? by Philippe Lamberts
  • 19 – 25/11: Zero Waste Week at Greenfish
  • 22/11: Spaghetti Evening & Zero-Waste Workshops
  • 30/11: Greenfish Afterwork!

December 2018

  • 11/12: Impact Session – The laws of inertia, explaining paralysis in the face of collapse by Olivier de Schutter
  • 14/12: Greenfish Christmas Party!
  • 21/12: Ugly Xmas Sweater Breakfast at Greenfish

The Green Mind University is a dynamic forum for international and multifaceted discussions on pressing sustainability issues.

This annual gathering offers a comprehensive one-day program along with exclusive opportunities to network and learn from each other.
This event gathers opinion leaders and specialists from the private and public sectors, as well as the academic world, to share and exchange theirs views on the various sustainability issues.
Interactive and engaging sessions will address critical and timely topics as well as best practices within different industries that focus on various sustainability topics in a changing environment.

After two successful editions, the 2019’s edition’s date is still to be defined.


Why should you attend the Green Mind University?

Gain valuable insights and knowledge on sustainability issues

Learn how leading companies or industries are doing in the transition towards a more sustainable society

Network with fellow professionals

Meet with experts and innovators in the sustainable sector


It is our mission to achieve a more sustainable world. In the pursuit of this goal, we believe in establishing partnerships with various types of organizations in order to foster knowledge sharing and create a strong network of experts.


We partner with universities and schools to help their students prepare to find their first professional challenge and help them on various research projects.


We partner with other companies to deliver the best and more sustainable solutions to our clients.


We believe it is essential to develop strong ties with local associations around us. It is a powerful way to have an impact on external stakeholders’ lives.


Interested in a partnership with us? Do not hesitate to contact us!


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