Greenfish coaching session at ULB

Greenfish | March 4th, 2013 | 0 Comments


On Monday 25 February, at the request of the Alumni association of the Polytechnique school of Brussels, Greenfish organized a serie of coaching sessions. Composed of civil and bio engineers graduated from ULB, the alumni organizes conferences aiming at informing and preparing students to their future career. Benjamin Brousse, HR Manager and Julie Rozenblum, Recruitment Consultant, Greenfish, were present to carry out the coaching sessions and answer questions from the students.

Here are some enthusiastic feedbacks from ULB students:

“The coaching session was very interesting. The advices I received during the debriefing will be very useful to help me in my future job research” Laurent Placet

“I found the coaching session a very enriching experience as it helped me get acquainted with various topics such as the recruitment interview, job vacancies websites, amending a resume, etc…” Paul Meurisse

“I found the session very enriching and I particularly appreciated the relax and informal atmosphere as well as the tips and explanation on what a Human resource officer expects during a job interview.” Damien Hemmeryckx

A win-win partnership could be envisaged to provide a more structured coaching framework. For more information, please send a message to Lizhen XU at