Hi, we are Greenfish !

The consultancy company specialised in environmental services and sustainable engineering.
We help our clients reducing their impact on the environment by providing flexible solutions.

You improve the environment?
Let us improve yours!


The Positive impact Company

Every day, we follow our strong identity: The Positive Impact Company.

The "Positive Impact" is the ideology that motivates us, allows us to move forward and defines our core values. It is the cornerstone of our commitments:
Sustainable projects
Long lasting relationship
Working in a cooperative and respectful logic
To always provide an added value.

The positive impact company allows us to have a real meaning every time we wake up.


Driven by the passion

Since our creation in March 2010, We are driven by one single goal: to become the leader in the environmental and sustainable engineering.

It’s driven by the passion that Greenfish has established itself as a major player in the environmental sphere.
Our large network, updated continuously, counts over 15,000 engineers and specialists in the sustainable engineering.
Our proactive sourcing allows us to respond quickly and to offer to our clients’ needs the excellence they expect.

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